AccessAbilities, Inc. is a for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities and the aged live full and abundant lives by providing services that promote quality, dignity, respect, and choice. AccessAbilities, Inc. is committed to excellence by providing the best trained direct support professional to ensure quality services are being provided. AccessAbilities, Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental disabilities achieve independence in their lives by assisting them in reaching their fullest possible potential.

All Medicaid Waiver Services of AccessAbilities, Inc. are accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).


AccessAbilities, Inc. was founded in March 2004, as a Medicaid Waiver Provider in Indiana, by Renee Ramon-Doughman and Shannon Doughman. It was established as a person-centered and family-oriented alternative to large providers. Since 2004, AccessAbilities, Inc. has provided quality services focusing on a person-centered experience. Since that time, AccessAbilities, Inc. has expanded to include locations in Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana. They have been blessed to add Behavior Management, Music Therapy, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy Centers, and most recently offering Recreational Therapy as well. AccessAbilities, Inc. continues to grow and plans to expand its service selection and location in the upcoming years.

Value Proposition

AccessAbilities, Inc. provides quality, dynamic, individual-driven care to those seeking services, in-home, residential, or community-based supports and services to people with developmental disabilities by being the first choice for anyone looking for services and supports with our person-centered approach to care.  Our individuals receive supports based on their choices and needs and our duty is to provide them with the very best staff person with whom they feel comfortable and happy.


AccessAbilities, Inc. values the people with whom we provide services and the employees who provide that care.  AccessAbilities, Inc. actually does what we say we will do.  We will not promise anyone the moon and the stars, but instead promise only what we can deliver.  AccessAbilities, Inc. feels that all of our individuals have skills and talents and our job is to lead and encourage them to use those skills and talents to increase their independence.

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